How Safe is Your Wilmington or Eagle Island, NC Home?

How Safe is Your Wilmington or Eagle Island, NC Home?

We can inspect your home to identify any safety concerns

Performing a safety inspection on your Wilmington & Eagle Island, NC rental property can minimize your liability as an owner. When you hire Proguide Home Inspections, LLC to examine your home, we'll check for:
  • Egress issues
  • Tripping problems
  • Electrical concerns
  • Plumbing deficiencies

When we're finished with our safety inspection, you can rest assured that your home or apartment is as safe as it can be. If there are any problems, we'll report them to you the same day we complete your inspection. For more information, contact us today at 910-352-4739. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Improve your home safety with Proguide Home Inspections

Don't wait to get a safety inspection on your property in the Wilmington & Eagle Island, NC area. Our experienced inspectors can diagnose safety problems and point you in the right direction to resolve them. Our appointments are flexible and can be scheduled to fit into your busy lifestyle. For more information and a free estimate on our services, contact us today.